I just got two dresses in the mail from a really nice seller...

Ok, maybe I over-reacted and buying from EGLsales isn't that scary......
I just got two dresses, one was a Meta OP in black with black lace. It fits good, but I'm not sure it flatters me....But I'm going to wear it to the next meetup and see what everyone else says. If the general consensus is no, I can always resell it.
The other dress I am in love with. It is lavender with black trim (sounds weird, but it suits me somehow). It has a removable front panel, so it can convert to a high waisted-skirt type thing with straps. It is awesome, the color is good (even though it's lavender it doesn't really come off as sweet, which is good, cuz I like sweet, but only on other people :3)
It's actually F+F, and I was just amazed when I opened the package, becase besides being unlined, the quality was great! I have one other F+F dress and it is decent quality (Very nice pintucks, decent lace, but also unlined, and a smidge too long. It actually looks a bit more Victorian then Lolita due to the length, but that dosen't bother me, since I got into Lolita becase I wanted to dress like a haunted Victorian doll.)
Anyway, I really couldn't believe how nice the quality was for the price I paid. I may have to rethink my opinion about F+F.  It is good quality, thick material, no shiny ribbons or anything, nice length, good fit. And it really flatters my figure. ( And I have a difficult figure to fit into this style, what with being so tall and big boned , with giant tracts of land if you catch my drift. I wish I could be petite!!! But alas, no about of dieting would ever make me petite. Just big and skinny at the same time.)
The seller was very nice. She was prompt and responded to my emails, and sent out the package on time. (It actually arrived a day earlier then planned.) She even included a nice note on cute Hello Kitty stationary. I was very happy with everything and I will be leaving her nice feedback. My cutsew seller on the other hand isn't responding to my emails......


Ok, I got a new message from them and now they ARE making the skirt..... I am so confused.
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I just got royally screwed over......

Ok, I just got royally screwed over.... I ordered a skirt from Surface Spell through lolita_tales on LJ. I paid them for it a month ago and they said it would take about a month to make and ship. I got an email from them last week saying that they CANCELED my order. I emailed them back, and they said it was because they ran out of fabric. They said they would refund my account. I then got an email that said my account had been refunded. I checked Paypal and there was nothing. I called Paypal customer service and they said that no refund has even been initiated.
I am very pissed right now.
First of all, why would you take an order and payment if you didn't know you had enough fabric to make a product? And then, why would you cancel the order with no explanation? And if you ran out of fabric, why wouldn't you offer a second choice of fabric? (It was a custom order anyway!) And why would you say you refunded my account when you didn't!!!!!!????????? I don't even know what to do now!!! It was $120! That's a lot of money to someone like me! I can't just eat it up and start over! I need that money back.
Also, I recently bought a cutsew from someone on eglsales and it hasn't arrived yet. It's been three weeks. It wasn't nearly as expensive as the skirt, but I am petrified that this other person is screwing me over as well and I'll never get it. I feel so frustrated. I'm just  going to stop trying to buy stuff with people stealing my money left and right.
What did I do wrong? Why does this keep happening? What do I do now?
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 Disney was so fun!!!!! I had a great time!!!!!! I can't wait for the next meetup!!! Thank you guys for encourageing me to go... btw, we really should have a vegan tea party/art exchange/closet swap.
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Blah blah blah, yadda yadda...

 I'm feeling overwhelmed with my Lolita hobby today. There are so many things I have yet to purchase that are staples. For example, shoes. I've been wearing my sister's hand-me-down Mary Jane's, but they are ridiculously scuffed. I really want a nice pair of black Lolita shoes that can be supplemented with regular shoes to change up my look here and there. I don't care if they're brand, I just want to avoid the "hobo shoes" look.
I also need some drawers. I have two panniers, but no drawers. I didn't really realize it until the meetup at Leu Gardens, but without drawers, one feels a bit drafty. 
And then there's the socks. I have been using some knee socks I already had, but I would like some socks a bit more decorative. I can't afford brand socks by any means, but I was thinking of going to Target and buying some nice looking black and white knee socks and then hand-sewing good quality lace to them. I'm just not sure if that would be considered kosher.
Also, headdresses. Every hat/ headdress I own has been handmade by me. On one hand I am proud of them, on the other hand, I am worried that everyone can tell that they're handmade from a mile away, and will laugh at me because of that. (Kind of like the sock issue.)
I decided from the onset that my colors would be black, white, and jewel tone antique colors like burgundy, plum, and pine green. That way I could coordinate outfits based on my two favorite styles : gothic and classic. Because of that, I have determined that my basic wardrobe should contain 1 black pannier and 1 white pannier (already purchased), 2 pairs black socks and 2 pairs white socks ( hopefully gotten on the cheap and made by me as mentioned above), 1 pair black drawers and 1 pair white drawers (as yet unpurchased), and one removable-sleeve blouse in white, and one in black ( I have the white one already, I just need the black one.) I'm not sure if that is to much or to little for a basic wardrobe, or just right.
The problem, of course, is the money vs. the quality issue. 
The items I own right now are all over the board. I have a black Meta JSK and a white IW blouse, they were a huge splurge. I also have a black flowered skirt by a small independent seamstress somewhere in the midwest. It is good quality, but not brand. I have two OPs, both of whitch would make many brand girls wince if they knew where they came from. I got them both at Megacon and I knew they were off brand when I bought them, I just diden't know which off brands.  Turns out that the burgundy one with the pintucks (that I got for a steal, to justify it) is FanplusFriend. I really like this dress and the craftsmanship and lace are pretty good so I hope hope hope that it's not a brand replica. I woulden't feel right parading around in a brand replica, I feel that might be a little trashy. I don't mind off brands, but I want to know that the design is theirs, not stolen from somewhere else. If I find out this dress is a replica, I may sell it. The second OP is by Rakuen, and the fabric and construction are good, but as someone at the last meet-up pointed out to me, the crappy lace ruins an otherwise decent dress. ( I was actually really glad she told me, I think constructive criticism is helpful when you're just starting out at something.) I think I am going to take out the bad lace and replace it, there is not too much of it, so it shouldn't be too hard.
I suppose my biggest problem here is figuring out where spending big bucks is necessary and where one can skimp. Can one still look elegant and well put together while wearing handmade and off brand items? I know that off brand items vary in quality drastically even within a brand (I'm looking at you, Bodyline), but is it ok to wear selective off brand items or doctored off brand items , as long as they meet one's minimum quality standards? How do I know if I'm pulling this off?

R.I.P. Monster Quest

 I was going to write about the super fun time I had at the meet-up on Saturday, but that was all overshadowed by the death of my hamster, Monster Quest, on Sunday morning. She was a very old hamster (3 1/2 years is like 107 in hamster years) and she was (as far as I can tell) suffering from some sort of cancer, probably uterine cancer which is extremely common in small rodents. After I got over the initial grief, we biked to Michael's and I bought a little wooden box to be her coffin, a wooden cross to mark the grave, and a miniature teddy bear to keep her company. We buried her in the back yard under a tree. 
She was a good hamster, she will be missed.

Vegan Art

I somehow roped myself into running the art portion of the Vegetarians of Central Florida Earth Day Festival as a favor for my friend Anna. I talked to the guy who was running the festival as a whole and he told me to make sure all the art was "vegan".  It was then that it occured to me: Art is not a vegan hobby. Traditional painting grounds start with a rabbit skin glue base, all good brushes are made of animal hair, encaustic paints are made from beeswax, tempera is egg based, leather chamois are traditionally used to blend charcoal etc... lets not even get into fiber arts.  Now I've been a vegetarian for 11 years now, but veganism still eludes me. It seems that vegans would prefer to use lower quality laboratory made alternatives then use high quality, natural, historically proven, but animal-based art materials. I can't say I get it. But then again, I have no qualms wearing leather, as long as it's second hand. Waste not, want not!

My first entry...

So this is my first entry. I lead a fairly boring life, lets see if I can make it to two paragraphs!
I went to Megacon the weekend before last and met a lot of cool people. (Especially all the girls at the Lolita panel, and the cool grad-student lady who was writing a paper about the social organization of the con.) I also spent far too much money there on art, books, and clothes. In fact, I almost overdrew my bank account, something that I haven't done since junior year of collage. (So ashamed.) So now we are eating rice until I can build up my savings account again.
Been having a quarter-life crisis due to the fact that all my interests can be interpreted as being immature. And yet all of said hobbies require a steady income and some free time to indulge in them, things not available to me as a student. So I'm 25 and I wear lace and petticoats and collect teddybears and read manga! So sue me! (Besides, my fiance doesn't mind (much). So it's all good, right?)
Besides being at an awkward age, I am also attempting to finish a very difficult series of paintings. All in all its going well right now, if slow as hell.